Bodega Ultima | History
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A Brief History

Having already broken the mold with TakoSushi, father and son restaurateurs Kevin and Cary Goldsmith have taken a detour through Mediterranean and Spanish landscapes to bring you their next bold venture: Bodega Ultima.

Bodega Ultima mixes culinary trends of the Mediterranean with a dash of Indian techniques—notably by breaking away from the traditional use Spanish grills in favor of two Tandoor ovens. The Bodega’s breakfast and lunch menus cast a knowing wink at convention before confidently moving on to explore more adventurous plates, enticing curious diners to become loyal fans.

It all started at Augusta’s historic Pullman Hall—or, more accurately, in the middle of its parking lot—with the invention of the infamous “Trashcan Chicken.” Alright, an actual trashcan may not have been used in serving up perfectly succulent chicken, but a barrel of sorts was fashioned into an ad hoc Tandoor oven in the Pullman Hall’s lot. There, bathed in the glow of a security light, friends gathered to feast on grilled chicken, lamb, and free-flowing wine. It was a scene straight out of a foodie’s dream—perhaps if a drop of absinthe had been added to the menu.  

With just a tinge of nostalgia for their parking lot roots, Kevin and Cary secured Bodega Ultima’s new Tandoor oven in its state-of-the-art kitchen, where the Goldsmiths will continue to create heavenly, grilled indulgences. (Though they will forever be paying homage in their hearts to the legendary Trashcan Chicken experience.)

Come to Bodega Ultima and raise a glass to Kevin and Cary—the men behind this ultimate madness!